Various art forms have always been in the blood of the Kordic family. The older brother emerged from high school as a commercial artist, transitioning into a very talented graphic artist. The younger sister followed in the footsteps of her brothers. She accelerated with canvas and fabric art, emerging her talents into her current commissions with portraiture. Then there is the middle child, Branko, continuously breaking all the rules.

Branko excelled in art classes in grade school and high school with his drawings. He was usually found building something cool in these youthful years. He won awards in high school and proceeded to educate himself in the arts field after graduation. With the need to explore the country in the late 70's, he headed to the great Northwest for college. Years later, he returned to Northeastern Ohio to continue on with life. He tried numerous types of employments over the years after graduation only to return to the arts. His preference has always been with three dimensional structures versus the two dimensional canvas art forms.

  The purchase of property and a new wife in the mid 80's inspired Branko to evolve with his own artistic style. As a three dimensional artist, Branko ultimately began his career in 1984 with the creation of the Raintree House, located in Munson Township, Geauga County, Ohio. His intention was to make the statement that 'anything is possible'. His proven creativity level is apparent throughout the entire earth sheltered structure, displaying the unique features within the home and 'ahead of his time' design elements. The house was conceived, designed and built by Branko, with a little help from family and friends. The ideas and functions of this home, both on the interior and exterior, were implemented by and with his exceptional talents as an artist.

After the completion of his masterpiece Raintree House, Branko entered into the trades as a finish trim carpenter. He expanded into building classic traditional furniture styles, including cabinets and tables, moving into the organic areas utilizing reclaimed materials and natural woods from the land around us. Carving various wood species became a huge opportunity to expand his talent. He did very well with this endeavor.

Branko has been greatly influenced by the works of the master architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He is a firm believer in bringing the beauty of nature from the outside to the inside.

With the move to Montana in 2002 brought additional opportunities for creating cool. First priority was a new home for his company and family. The structure was designed with his work shop at ground level and a loft for quiet living and exquisite views of the valley in the upper level. Energy efficiency and the use of local materials and trades was the focus of this creation.

In the recent years Branko spent his days supervising and constructing a new home for a client in a small mountain town in Montana. A barn, built in the 1870's, was dismantled, moved to its new location, and then reassembled into a timber frame style home. The original barn was transformed by reclaiming most of the structure and incorporating each part of the salvaged barn into the new home. The artwork of the home was created by the men and women of the trades that were invited to participate in creating the home it is today. Coordinating all aspects of building over the years was hard work and well worth the end product. Every attention to detail is what makes this house stand out from the rest. It is obvious that Branko has made his legacy and talents visible for years to come.  

Throughout the past 30 years his creativity has blossomed with new ideas, a diverse choice of building materials and a different look to classic traditional furniture. The business has expanded to incorporate interior and exterior doors, fireplace mantels, vanities and tables, entertainment centers, carving and anything cool with wood.

The talents of Branko are distinctive to his personal style of art. His artistic vision is innovative and ahead of it's time. He is considered by many as a master woodworker who thinks outside of the box.