Taurus Studio, Inc. is an American company which takes great pride in producing quality, handmade, one-of-one design in furniture, doors, carvings and all things wood. While two pieces of art may be similar, no two pieces will ever be identical giving our customers original artwork every time. We look forward to satisfying your exclusive needs.

Remember, anything is possible because wood works!

One of One Design - Taurus Studio, Inc. specializes in creating only one original piece of art per customer. Holding true to this company policy ensures our customers will not see their choice of furniture or doors in another establishment or home.

Montana Handmade - Our customers can rest assured that their personal choice of art will not be massed produced but hand made. The attention to detail is important and very prevalent in the design elements of every masterpiece created.

Mild to Wild - Past commissions, as viewed on this website, have a wide range of creativity levels. We have shipped from traditional styles of furniture for conservative clients to wild designs for the cutting edge customers. House style and personal taste have everything to do with the design elements of our furniture and decorative interior pieces.

Custom and Unique - While these adjectives are generally overused, you can clearly see that they truly apply to the products provided Taurus Studio, Inc.

Taurus Studio, Inc. specializes in one of one design elements. All items are made to order and are considered special.

There will be a meeting of the minds between you and Branko to determine the specific details of what you are looking for, where it will reside and the space it will occupy. Measurements, materials, price and finally our terms and conditions will be quoted to you with a drawing submitted for your signed approval.

Finish on any product is a touchy issue due to the numerous color variations that can happen with stains. Taurus Studio prefers the use of clear lacquer. Stain and finish will be included as part of the meeting of the minds. You should give this consideration prior to the meeting.

We will require half payment in advance of any work commencing. The balance will be due when the product is shipped or delivered.

In areas local to Troy, Montana, delivery will be by Taurus Studio, Inc. In areas of the country where personal delivery is unfeasible, we will ship the item best way.